Learnings from SEEK learning

SEEK learning

Learnings from SEEK learning



SEEK Learning, an Australian online education provider, needed to generate awareness of their further education courses leading up to the peak season.


We recognised human beings have an insatiable appetite for socially sharing intriguing and informative bite-sized facts, which became the driving force of the idea: that people, no matter how old they are, crave learning.


So we hijacked this universal online phenomenon to create a new, branded media platform: Learnings from SEEK Learning.

The Execution

A series of entertaining fact-based episodes dubbed 'Learnings' were released online. People then shared their own Learnings socially, which we immediately repurposed as a second wave of branded content. The best user Learnings were then compiled into a branded eBook, shared out again by the thousands of users turned authors.


The Impact

22 million social media impressions

5,500+ user submitted pieces of content

+3447% combined social media engagement

+41% motivated to pursue further study

The campaign saw SEEK Learning enter the top 10 education providers in Australia for the first time, and become the most socially shared education brand. But most importantly, the campaign motivated Australia to learn more, boosting enrollments and recognition for SEEK Learning.