A real time alert for online bullying behaviour.

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Reword case study


Technology has made online bullying impossible to escape. Bullying has moved from schoolyards to social media, but kids don’t think about the effect their words can really have. Approximately 463,000 young people are bullied online in Australia each year, and victims of online abuse are up to nine times more likely to engage in self-harm and suicidal ideation. 78% of youth bullied online are 10-15 years old.

To try to stop bullying, the focus has always been on reporting it after it’s happened. But, there’s been nothing to protect children from it happening in the first place, as leading social media platforms have failed to create effective measures to combat online bullying behaviour.


We created Reword. A real time spell checker for online bullying, acting as an educational tool to develop a child’s moral compass when they become active on social media.

Reword detects insults using regex matching. When a match is found the child is alerted with a red strikethrough, instantly interrupting their behaviour and making them reconsider what they write. Reword integrates with all social platforms and is designed so children can contribute new insults, helping the tool recognize evolving language.

The tool

As a child types, Reword identifies
abusive patterns, activating an alert.
Reword uses a custom database, which children can
contribute to, growing the tool as language evolves.
Reword identifies bullying sentiment and context,
not just swearing.

Branded content

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“Preventing hateful
messages before they’re
even posted.”
“Reword has the
unique potential to
change online behaviour.”
“Reword is the first technology
of its kind in Australia aiming to
change bullying behavour.”
“Reword has the real
potential to achieve
behavioural change online.”


Combined media impressions in the first 6 weeks


Installs of the Google Chrome Extension
in the first 12 months


Of insults reworded when prompted


Reduction in bullying behaviour per user