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Case study

Eat your words

People think they can say what they want online with no consequences. So, when Oporto (Australia’s favourite chicken chain) launched their new Vegan Burger, we knew haters were gonna hate.

But, we were ready for them . . .

Knowing that we could change their mind, we invited those haters for a “tasting”. Unaware that we were about to serve them their own comments laser engraved on our vegan burger.


We filmed their positive reactions and reposted them online turning haters into our spokespeople.

We monitored for hateful social comments on our channels and served back to haters a digital burger with their words on it, accompanied with a voucher to try it for free.



EAT YOUR WORDS became Oporto’s highest performing social campaign ever, outperforming our previous best campaign with staggering social engagement increase.


As a result, we doubled the sales target and even matched the sales of our bestselling chicken burger. Our success also drove a 4% growth across all vegetarian items across the business.